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903 Classic Weather-Strip

Replacement Casement Window Weather-Strip Gasket and Seals

$ 6.00


Part Number: 903C

Classic Style Sash Weather Strip / Gasket

In Stock Color: White, Beige, Black

Special Order Color: Sand and Bronze (email for quote. Please include QTY you want to order and ship to address. Special order items are not eligible for returns)

Special Features: PVC/Alcryn bulb Weather Seal. Designed for 0.078" kerf.

Other Information: Hollow PVC Bulb Seals

Sold In:  6' long Pcs. (sample is a small 2-3 inch pc)

Example: If you choose 75 Feet of Classic Style weather strip you will receive 13 pcs at 6 foot length each

Determine how much to order: 

Most calculate lineal feet to determine how much to order. For each sash measure the length and width then x 2 as you have go around all 4 sides of the sash. Then add a little extra like you would do if you were ordering hardware flooring– construction  industry calls this the “Waste factor”

Example: if your sashes are 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall = 5 feet x 2 = 10 lineal feet for the sash. Do this for each size sash you have and add to the total lineal feet needed. If you determine in you need 120 lineal feet total. You would want to order the 150 feet bundle as it will give you a little extra for the “waste factor” and a better bulk price pricing.


Can you replace the Classic Style Weather Strip with the Energy Saver? Yes you can! View video below to find out how.

Known Part Numbers: 011814, 015200, 015582, HRP060, HRP058, HRP059

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