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S1015 - SafeGard Window Operating Control Device (WOCD) For Casement Windows

S1015 - SafeGard Window Operating Control Device (WOCD) For Casement

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SafeGard™ Window Operating Control Device (WOCD) For Casement Windows

SafeGard™ Limiting Control Device for Casement Windows. SafeGard™ Provides Peace Of Mind On Casement Window Applications.

Ordering Instructions:

1. Determine window handing by viewing from the outside looking in. If the casement window hinge is on the right side, you need a right hand limiting device.

2. Confirm the hinge cavity on your casement window (See Fig. 2). The hinge cavity needs to be .719 (23/32") wide x .438 (7/16") deep.

  • The  SafeGard™ the Industry's first limiting control device offered for casement windows
  • The  SafeGard™ Limit Device was tested & certified to meet ASTM F2090-10 code requirements. The  ASTM F2090 addresses window fall prevention, that  helps protect against potential falls by children through  open windows.
  • The SafeGard™ Limit Device provides a means that will limit the venting of the window to less than 4".
  • As required by code, the SafeGard™ Limit Device has a two (2) action operation to fully open the window  for egress purposes. This operation can be performed  without the use of keys or tools.
  • Easy to follow opening and release instructions appear on the vent arm. Note: The device will re-latch or reset  automatically when window is in closed position. 
  • The  SafeGard™ Limit Device's track, arm and rivet are made entirely of authentic stainless steel with Delran  cover and tab.
  • The  SafeGard™ Limit Device is reliable, easy to install and easy to operate. This device meets today's more  stringent safety requirements. Please consult local  building codes for WOCD and applicable requirements

Includes: Arm Assembly, Track  Assembly, Template, Window Label, Screw Pack (4 screws) and Operating and Installation Instructions.


Note: The SafeGard™ Limiting Control Device will only work in casement windows that have a standard 2-bar hinge cavity with measurements as stated above.
This Device is Not Designed for Awning Windows.
This Device is Not Designed for Case-ment Windows with a 4-Bar Hinge.


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