#522 C Elite Handle Set

#522 C Elite Handle Set

, by Brittini Reitz, 2 min reading time

C Elite Keyed Handle Set with Offset Latch

C Elite Handle Set was used on Hurd Sliding Patio Doors Built From 1993 thru 2006. The C Elite Old Style used from 1993 - 2006 is not longer sold. New style as shown in picture is its replacement.

Mortise Lock Sold Separately part # 518 - $40.00 each

If your Recessed Mortise Lock has the black cylinder you will need to purchase a new recessed mortise lock with the gray cylinder for this handle set to work.

If product not in stock allow 3-5 week lead time once order is placed.

Face plate is 8 1/2" long x 1" wide (new style) Handle 5 1/2" Center to Center (CTC). Screw Holes are 3 15/16" Center to Center (CTC).

If you are wanting to us C Elite Handle package to replace P/N 516 Upgrade Door Handle. You will have to fill the top screw hole that will be left over from the old handle set. And you will also need a new recessed mortise lock with the gray cylinder.

#522 C Elite Handle Set


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