Part Identification Instructions Help

The best way for us to assist you to find the part you need is to send us pictures via e-mail or text message and our team will help you to identify the part. Please follow the steps below.

Due to high order and customer inquiries please allow our staff a few days to get back to you. 

Text Questions with Pictures to 303-222-4489 or e-mail to and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. (Data rates may apply for text messages)*.
Please note you will still need to follow the instructions below so we can identify the part you are needing.
More information you include the faster we will be. Please see below and included as much of the following as you can.

When e-mailing or Texting pictures please do the following:

1. When taking pictures of the part in question please include a measuring tape or ruler next to the part. Even better, writing measurements of the part on the paper next to the part. Or set on graph paper with the size of the squares.

2. Please take multiple pictures of the part - different angles and sides.

3. Photos should not be too light or dark - try to use natural light if possible or flash. Please do not send blurry or out of focus pictures.

4. If part is dark in color place on a light background when photographing. If part is light in color place on a dark background when photographing.

In your e-mails please include the following information:

1. Include all contact information - Name, phone number, e-mail and address. In case we have questions, require a sample to be sent and can calculate shipping.

2. Let us know what the is part made of: wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum (or your closest guess)

3. Color of the part, as sometimes pictures can change the color or its hard to identify from the picture.

4. If you know the brand name of windows or doors the part is on, include that information. If there is a sticker (AAMA or AMSI label) include all of that information as well.

5. What is the type of window or door part is on - double hung, casement, awning, fixed unit, sliding patio door, in-swing or out-swing patio door. What is the parts function?

6. Include any numbers or any writing found on the part itself. If you take a picture of this please make sure it's in focus.

7. Let us know how many of the part you will be needing, So we can check stock and/or lead times.

8. E-mail pictures to or Text Message to 303-222-4489

9. When corresponding via e-mail on the part in question please hit the "reply button" with all previous e-mails in the thread. Please DO NOT create new e-mail when replying as it will not have all your information/record you provided from the 1st e-mail.

10. Please allow at least 5 business days for our team to research your request.
11. Photo(s) and/or video(s) can be used to help others ID parts and hardware via our Parts ID Blog and videos 
*Emailing or texting R&R Windows & Doors photo(s) and/or video(s) of part(s) and hardware. These photo(s) and/or video(s) can be used on our blog and videos (via our blog, website and social media etc). By emailing or texting photos(s) and/or video(s) you are waiving any ownership or legal rights of the photo(s) and/or video(s) sent to R&R Windows & Doors.  By emailing or texting R&R Windows & Doors you are agreeing to the above statement. 


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