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  • S3005 -Right Hand. Color White. VICTORIA HANDLE WITH MORTISE  Sliding Patio Door Handle  - For Vinyl Sliding Door. Known Part Numbers and Brands: Fasco and Vanguard. PO# 31729,  Pat.# US6672632, VA-3200115, C1307, C1308, 14302 Prime-line, Mercer Sliding Patio Doors

    Fasco Vanguard S3005 - Sliding Patio Door Handle - For Vinyl and Wood Sliding Door - Fasco and Vanguard

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    Part Number: S3005 Sliding Patio Door Handle with mortise latch with upper body thumb turn  - For Vinyl and wood Sliding Door Handing: Left Hand Or Right Hand (see pictures or watch video below to determine what handing you need). Color: White or Beige  Dimensions: 4" Screw Hole Spacing  Interior Handle Dimensions: 9 7/8" Long X 1 1/4 Wide Exterior Handle Dimensions: 7 7/8" Long X 1 1/8" Wide Mortise Lock Box Dimensions: 8" Long X 9/16" Wide X 1 3/8" Deep - See product note about this mortise lock box and keeper  Product Note: S3005 comes with Vanguard mortise lock Box (locking mechanism) and keeper as shown in pictures, factory drawing and video.  S3005 is a kit from the factory, We can not piecemeal parts as the S3005  is a kit and always sold to us with the mortise box and keeper as shown, we can not order just the handle without a keeper or mortise lock box.  It has come to our attention some door manufactures did not use Vanguard mortise lock box and keeper in this kit but other styles. If your door has a different mortise lock and keeper you may need to reuse your existing one.  Some customers door had  C1035 mortise lock box and S3016 Keeper. (see links below for product page to compare to yours if you need the S1035 and S3016 you will need to order them with the S3005 kit) Associated parts Sold Separately:  C1035 Amesbury Truth Gemini II PD Dual Action Mortise Lock S3016 - Dual Hook Strike Keeper for Sliding Patio Door   Replacement parts: If you would like to order just the Vanguard Mortise lock book and keeper only please see part # S3009 No other replacement parts are available you must purchase a compete new Handle set, the factory does not sell any other parts separately.  Known Part Numbers and Brands: Fasco and Vanguard. PO# 31729,  Pat.# US6672632, VA-3200115, V Series 915 Mortise Handle. Used on Mercer Sliding Patio Doors and many other vinyl and wood sliding patio doors.  This patio door handle set is a Multi-Point lock set that comes with a White or Beige Left Handed or Right Handed inside handle and an upper body thumbturn. The inside handle mounts onto a mounting bracket that is installed onto the door. The outside handle is a White or Beige Diecast pull that can be keyed with the E 2000 cylinder. This set is often used on Vinyl or Wood patio doors. The set comes with a unique keeper and Multi-Point Lock. Material: Diecast Finish: Powder Coated Color: White or Beige Hole Center to Center: Multiple Hole Center Latch Style: Mortise Style Handle Type: Surface Mounted Key Option  handles come standard as Non Keyed (door can only be locked or unlocked from the inside) For Keyed add add part number 830 to order: (Door can also be locked and unlocked from the outside with key)  For Keyed Alike (for 2 or more handle sets ordered and can used the same key)add part number 830KA to order keyed alike Pro Tip for keyed handle sets only: If after you tighten the handle and the dead bolt won’t lock or unlock or really hard to turn, the tail part is too long and needs to be snipped down. See directions in pictures above. Grooves are on tail part to be snipped down so it can be used on multiple thicknesses of doors. 

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  • Auto Lock

    Cascade C1000 Auto Cam Lock Kit

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    Part Number C1000Auto Lock Kit will come with: 1 Lock, 2 Lock Screws, 1 Lock Cover, 1 Keeper, 2 Keeper Screws Auto Lock has been discontinued my manufacturer the retro fit replacement style by the Interlock Slimline Lock (see picture). These will directly replace the old Auto lock only 2 new holes will need to be drilled on the sash (see video). Auto Lock Replacement For WinPro and Cascade Series 9100 Horizontal Slider and 9200 Single Hungs and customers have also said this replacement locks works on Mercer auto  locks as well Color: White Used on multiple window lines including Cascade (9/5/2017 and older), Mercer and others 

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  • S1120 Truth Non-Handed Casement and Awning Window Lock BiltBest Casement Window lock. Stamp on Back: Truth, Made in the U.S.A, Part Number 45098, P/N 31300G, P/N 31300H  U.S.PAT.NO. 405928.4429910  CAN.PAT. 1980.1985 Color White

    Amesbury Truth S1120 Truth Non-Handed Casement and Awning Window Lock

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    Part Number: S1120 Truth Non-Handed Casement and Awning Window Lock (works on both left hand and right hand casement windows) Product Note: silver gear on back solid - see pictures and video  What's Included: 1 Lock (your choice in color), 1 Keeper and mounting screws  Lock Mounting Screw Holes: 2 Inch Center to Center  Stamp on Back of Lock: Truth, Made in the U.S.A, Part Number 45098, P/N 31300G, P/N 31300H U.S.PAT.NO. 405928.4429910 CAN.PAT. 1980.1985 Known to have been used on BiltBest, Sierra Pacific Urban, wenco Casement Windows, Mercer and other window brands For Style Tandem Lock See Part Number S1143

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  • S1111 Roto Flip Auto Lock For Double Hung Single And Horizontal Slider Window

    Roto S1111 Roto Flip Auto Lock for Double Hung, Single Hung and Horizontal Slider Window

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    Part Number: S1111 Roto Flip Auto Lock (sweep and Sash Lock) Innovative and Intuitive!  Can be used on: Vinyl Double Hung, Single Hung  and Horizontal Slider Windows! Cover Color: White Keeper Striker: your choice of Face Mount or Surface Mount  Comes with everything shown in picture (no screws included)  The Roto Flip Lock is an automatic sash lock for single hungs, double hungs and sliding windows that's easy to install, easy to operate and highly intuitive. Flip lick's excellent balance and durability combined with its intuitive and sleek signed provides you with a superior lock while providing your customers with great comfort, connivance and security. Features: The Positive action Lock, once unlock and the sash is opened, resets itself and then lock automatically when the sash is closed Innovative functionality that makes operation of the lock ergonomically friendly Internal mechanism has two springs to maintain balance.   Four mounting positions Unique breakaway feature - flip lever will sty up unless complete closed.  Meets or exceeds forced entry resistance requirements  an hurricane impart testing  Benefits:  Ease of operation and pace of mind knowing that once the window is closed it is locked!  In the case of arthritic conditions,  the lock can be operated with a slim device thus not requiring extensive movement of one's fingers Enhanced durability/cycle performance, reliable consistent functionality. Ultimate flexibility to position the lock correctly on various profiles Acts as a visible indicator that the window is not completely closed, thus no locked.  Adds vital elements of security and strength to the overall performance of the window.  Can also be used as a replacement retro fit lock for Cascade and Mercer old auto lock. - Watch video below in full- you will need to drill 2 new mounting screw holes! Part number C1000-NS is what is shown in the video below.

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  • Last stock! S3016 - GEMINI 2 POINT KEEPERS Dual Hook Box Strike Keeper for Sliding Patio Door Known Part Number: 2541, 2541-10XX, 2541-10SW

    Amesbury Truth S3016 - GEMINI 2 POINT KEEPERS Dual Hook Box Strike Keeper for Sliding Patio Door

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    Part Number S3016 GEMINI 2 POINT KEEPER Dual Hook Box Strike Keeper for Sliding Patio Door Color: White  Known to have been used on Mercer Sliding Patio Doors and other door brands that used Amesbury Truth parts Known Part Number: 2541, 2541-10XX, 2541-10SW     

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