Free USPS Standard Shipping on all USA Orders.  

Canada and Other International Shipping Options are Available and Shown at Check Out.




  • What is Free Shipping?

Free shipping means there is no additional shipping costs charged to you. We ship out your package the least expensive way, usually USPS (we are still charged shipping costs to ship out your order). If you do not receive USPS deliveries at your ship to address please change your ship to address or choose UPS shipping.

  • Can you expedite my shipment?

Expedite shipments are done on a case by case bases. Please contact our parts department at or text our text line.

  • There was a shipper delay of my order being delivered. If I paid for shipping or expedited shipping can I get a refund on the shipping costs?

No, once your package is in the possession of the shipper we have no control over the package.  Shipping carrier delays (includes but not limited to: delay of delivery, weather, shipping routing / rerouting, holiday's, COVID,  "porch pirate" thief / lost packages, etc.)  is beyond control and the shipper will not refund us the shipping cost, so we can not refund you.

 Return Policy: 
  • Why does your company have a restock fee?

Restock fees are part of our company policy for return items. The restock fee help to cover at least some our companies expenses incurred to process, ship out orders and process returns. Most items returned we still incur a loss. 

  • What are the expenses to ship out an order?

Some of the expenses to ship out an order are, but not limited to: Fees from the website host for orders placed. Credit card companies processing fees for each order on goods purchased. Credit card companies fees to process a refunded a return. Shipping label fees (tracking, insurance and materials) to ship each order and more.

  • Amazon does not have restock fees so why do you?

Amazon is a 1.7 Trillin business and also has membership fee of $12.99 per month or $119 per year (pulse taxes) as of 2021 to help offset expenses. Even with the Amazon membership depending on what you purchase using the Amazon platform some items are either not returnable or have a restock fee as well. 

We are a small family owned business, not Amazon. We do not charge a membership fee. Our company policy is stated on our website. This policy is what helps to keep our business open and running so we can provide replacement parts for our customers. 

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