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  • Dual Arm EntryGard Truth Casement window Operator.Known Part Numbers: 20910, L30941, 40853, U.S. PAT. 4,241,541 - CAN. PAT. 350,432 - PAT. 1982 , 31538, 40754, 45179, 40753, 31538A, 20810A

    152 Casement Operator EntryGard Dual Arm 15 Series

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    Part Number 152 EntryGard (EntryGuard) Dual Arm Operator 5 17/64" (inch) Style Handing:  Left Hand Right Hand View pictures and how to video below (2:40 min) to determine handing you need. Measurements in Chart (Scroll Thru Pictures for Chart):  "A" Measurement in Drawing is 5 17/64" Circled in red in chart "B" Measurement in Drawing is 4 7/16"  circled in red in chart The other arm sizes are available for "A" and "B" measurements which can be ordered using our links below using our factory drop ship part catalog website (scroll thru pictures to see arm option chart for part numbers and See how to video below on how to read the chart).  Styles Available : Link Offset Up  Link Offset Down   Note: Detached clips can be revered in the field to be on top of bottom of arm. 152 will all come as Clip on the top. Finish:  E-Gard Handle and Cover Sold Separately See part # 139 for handle and #166 cover, S1002 Cover or upgrade to #S1004 for nesting handle and cover.  Known Part Numbers: 20910, L30941, 40853, U.S. PAT. 4,241,541 - CAN. PAT. 350,432 - PAT. 1982 , 31538, 40754, 45179, 40753, 31538A, 20810A, 15-63-00-002 15-63-00-001, MONCSE953, R3-2256, 53-2255  Replacement Parts for: Hurd, Semco, Marvin, Cascade, Caradco, BiltBest, Norco Milgard, Sierra Pacific, Allsco (1980 to Dec. 1997), Monarch Old Series and more. Other Arm Sizes Links to Order (this is an update to our video below). Watch video to see how to read chart in pictures above to determine your A and B Measurements match part numbers on chart to links below: Click here to order: 36-181 Click here to order: 36-182 Click here to order: 36-183 Click here to order: 36-184 Click here to order: 36-186 Click here to order 36-185 Info on our parts catalog factory direct website Cut Sheet For EntryGard Dual Arm 15 Series 

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  • 119 Amesburytruth Encore Casement Sill Mount Dual Arm Operator Window Parts

    119 AmesburyTruth Encore Casement Sill Mount Dual Arm Operator 50.10

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    Part # 119 Casement Operator  - Encore Dual Arm Sill Mount Amesbury Truth 50.10  119 is the Operator Only - You will need to purchase the cover and handle kit part number 137 sold separately. Manufacture Details: Encore Operators give you all the strength and performance characteristics of Maxim, but with the flexibility of a snap-fit cover and streamlined full-flip folding handle that eliminates collapse during operation. Encore Operators require 33% less effort to operate than previous operators and are designed to use the same mounting location as the Maxim system. Stainless steel components are available for coastal applications. These operators complement the Encore Multi-Point Locking System.  Finish Arms available in: Standard E-Gard Beige (stock) and Stainless Steel (Non stock)* *Non stock items are special order and can have a 2-6 week lead time. orders can not be cancelled or returned.  Associated Parts Sold Separately:  Part Number: 137 Encore Folding Handle and Cover Kit Part # 187 - Sash Bracket with Set Ring  - elbow arm of #101 operator snaps onto Part # 189 - Track Shoe – what the long arm of the #101 operator snaps onto Part # 114 - Sash Track (what the track shoe #189 slides into) Part # 121 - Adjustable Hinge – below the operator on the bottom and on top of the window when you open it. Known to have been used on the following Manufacturing Brands:  Hurd, Semco, Marvin, Cascade,  BiltBest, Milgard, Sierra Pacific Monarch April 2006 to present  and more.   Manufacture Tech Note: Proper Installation of an Operator Cover & Nested Folding Handle. When installing the cover and handle on the operator you should follow theseinstructions:• Snap the cover onto the operator base.• Place the handle onto the spline of the operator and rotate the handle to closethe window.• Lock the window in place.• Rotate the handle Ľ turn back (towards opening direction) to reduce thepressure on the operator.• If the handle needs to be positioned in a nested cover you can remove thehandle at this time and re-position it so that it will rest correctly in the nestedcover.• Tighten the set screw on the handle.• Unlock the window and cycle the sash open and closed until the handle returnsto the starting position whereby there is no additional torque required to close the sash. Note: the sash should travel to a point that the lock can easily engageand seal the window.• If the window does not come all the way into the closed position, and more forceis required on the operator to close the window, you will need to review thewindow for the following; sash sag; racked window; lock points that are notproperly aligned; or hinges not installed correctly. These issues should becorrected prior to repeating the installation of the handle onto the operatorspline.Placing the operator and the handle under high stress and abusive loads can causepermanent failures to the handle or operator as the window is repeatedly opened andclosed. Known Part Numbers: 119, 096357, 096358, 36-368EN, 36-369-EN updated 7/8/23

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  • Amesbury Truth Window Lock

    129 Amesbury Truth Mirage Lever Lock & Escutcheon Kit

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     Part Number 129 MIRAGE® CONCEALED MULTI-POINT LOCKING SYSTEM Casement and Awning Amesbury Truth Mirage Lever Lock & Escutcheon Kit Each Kit Comes With: 1  lever Lock and 1 escutcheon  The true beauty is what you can't see. Mirage's Concealed Locks for wood windows are so thin; they're barely noticeable. All locking points are concealed to create a clean look for your window system. The handle and escutcheon are removable for painting or staining wood trim. The tie bar guides are pre-located for quick and easy installation. Mirage's Multi-Point Locking System has an exceptional .625" pull-in and can withstand 245 lbs. of force per locking point. In Stock Colors: Champagne, White, New Goldtone, Bronze, Black All other colors are special order item. No returns or exchanges. Associated parts Sold Separately:  Bug Guards can also be purchased separately P/N 128 pack of 4 BACKPLATE LINK ASSEMBLY (11645.92) 198 Tie Bar Multi Point Window Locking Mechanism (in jamb version) Brand: Amesbury Truth Mirage, Energy Saver Vintage Hurd Casement and Awning, Sierra Pacific, H3 and many other window brands, Energy Saver Vintage Hurd Casement and Awning Kit Includes: Lock Handle, Escutcheon and 2 Bug Guards Known Part Numbers: 45265, 45376, 10-13 Sash Lock (B1), HCSE66, D4-2091, D4-2092, D4-2090

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  • Replacement Amesbury Truth Non Folding Contour Handle - 11/32" Spline For Casement and Awning Window Operators.

    177 Amesbury Truth Contour Non Folding Handle for 11/32 Spline Operators

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    Part # 177 Replacement Amesbury Truth Non Folding Contour Handle - 11/32" Spline For Casement and Awning Window Operators.  Colors in stock: White, Bronze, Goldtone, New Goldtone and Beige Special Order Colors: Bright Brass, Clay, Aluminum, Chestnut Bronze, Brushed Copper Nickel, Black, Coppertone, Cocoa Brown, Bright White, Tuscan Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze. Special order colors are non returnable and can have a 1-3 week lead time. Replacement part for Hurd Casement and awing window operators Vintage Classic Style: 02/02/1998 - 9/17/2007 and many other window brands using Truth Operators, Allsco, Norco, Vetter, Windsor, Pozzi and many more window brands. Known Part Numbers: Truth 45240, 177, 010768, 010769, 090934, 11454-32, HSCE30, G4-2051, G4-2050, G4-2049, A3-2106, G5-2048, G5-2047, G5-2045, G5-2046

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  • 128 Amesbury Truth Mirage Bug Guard Pack of 4 (For Escutcheon)

    128 Amesbury Truth Mirage Bug Guard (For Escutcheon)

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    Part Number: 128 Amesbury Truth Mirage Bug Guard  (For Escutcheon)Color: Gray Only You need QTY 2 Bug Guards Per Escutcheon Associated Parts Sold Separately: To order Lock Handle and Escutcheon Kit see P/N 129  

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