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172 Keeper Finder How To

Brittini Reitz

Posted on August 01 2017

How To Install New Lock Using Keeper Finder

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For these directions a Left Hand lock has been used.

1: Unlock and open window and remove the old lock and keeper. Install new lock in old locks place. With the handle pointing down so its in the "locked position". If the screw holes are loose you will need to fill with wood putty and let dry and re-drill as you want a tight fit. Before you screw in the screws pre drill your holes with a drill bit to avoid splitting the wood.

Keeper Finder 1

2: Move handle up to unlock position.

Keeper Finder 2

3: Install keeper finder with the smooth part facing out.

Keeper Finder 3 - 172

4: Move handle down to locked position to hold the keeper finder in place. you will see the keeper finder sticking up out of the top of the lock.

172 keeper finder window lock

5: Crank close your window. This will allow the keeper finder to make an imprint in the wood of your sash so you know where to install your new keeper.

casement awning window lock keeper tool

6: Crank open your window, you will see the imprints made by the keeper finder.  Line up the new keeper screw holes centered on the imprints. When installing the new keeper the smooth side MUST face out.  Your old screw holes may need to be filled with wood putty.

window lock tool

7: Screw in the keeper using the color matching screws. You may want to pre drill screw holes with small bit to avoid splitting the wood. Make sure you keeper is straight up and down when installing.  

8: Remove your keeper finder by unlocking your lock.


Keeper Finder Tool DIY

9: Crank closed your window. When closing your window the picture below is how the keeper should look to you.  Smooth Side out! If it does not look like the picture your window will NOT lock.

window lock keeper

10: Once window is closed lock your window by pulling the handle to the down position.

window lock - casement and awning


Order at

Order Part # 172 By Clicking Here

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