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Door Hinge Adjustment Instructions 815 / 816

Brittini Reitz

Posted on February 16 2016

Vertical And Horizontal Adjustment For 815 and 816 Hinge.

Each hinge has both a Vertical and Horizontal adjustment. Hinges are Handed Left Hand & Right Hand. Click on links below to order.

To determine handing: Match up your existing hinge to picture on website.


To Lower Door:

  1. Turn “V” screw on top and middle hinges counter clockwise until its stops
  2. Now slowly turn “V” screw on bottom hinge, counter clockwise to lower door to desired position. Close door and check for alignment.
  3. When door is properly aligned turn “V” screw on top and middle hinge clockwise until its snug. Aprox. same position as “V” screw on bottom hinge.
  4. Adjustment Complete

To Raise Door:

  1. Turn “V” screw clockwise on bottom hinge until door raises to desired position. Close door and check alignment.
  2. Now turn “V” screw clockwise on top and middle hinge until screw is snug. Approx. same position as screw on bottom hinge.
  3. Adjustment Complete

To Adjust Door Horizontally:

Turning the “H” screw clockwise will move the door away from the hinged jamb

Turning the “H” screw counter clockwise will move the door closer to the hinged jamb.

All three hinges may require adjustment to achieve proper horizontal alignment.

If door keeps falling out of alignment new hinges are needed. Click on link below to order.

 Link To Order 815 816 Hinges


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