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Window Operating Control Devices (WOCD) Child Safety Window Fall Prevention

Brittini Reitz

Posted on June 01 2021

Window Operating Control Devices (WOCD) Child Safety Window Fall Prevention - What Is It?

New building codes ( ASTM F2090 - 2008 and 2010 regulations) have implemented  the use of Window Operating Control Devices (WOCD) on windows to help prevent child injury and fatality's.

May contractors, architects and homeowners alike are asking questions about these WOCD and how to order and use them. Without them homes will not pass building inspection for permit sign off and could lead to child injury or death.

Window Styles:  Casements, Hung (Double hung Single Hung) and Horizontal Slider Windows. There are many different styles and types of WOCD available  to fit your window and application. 

New and Replacement Windows: Most window manufactures have WOCD option that you can have installed on the window at the factory for you before your new windows are installed in your home. Or the WOCD parts will come with the windows to be installed during installation depending on the version the factory supplies. To have a WOCD put on your window(s) just ask your window dealer when ordering to add them to the window units. There is usually a minimal up charge (cost of the device).

Existing Windows: WOCD can also be installed on existing windows *called retro fitting* or windows that were not ordered with WOCD.

May window parts manufactures are making WOCD some include but not limited to: Roto Angle Lock, SafeGard, Vision Safety Products and more. They are available to order here: Click Here To Order WOCD

ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010 What is it?*

In the United States falls from windows account for an estimated 12 deaths and 4000 injuries amount children under 10 years of age every year.

The Code ASTM F2090 - 2008 and 2010 is the result of the windows industries efforts to save lives by improving window safety thru organizations like the Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council. Requirements for devices intended to address the risk of injury and dearth associated with accidental falls from windows by children five years old and younger (WOCD are different from sash limiters and insect screens these do not meet the ASTM F2090 - 2008 and 2010 standard).


  • Window opening of no more than four inches
  • Independent operation of release mechanism
  • Maximum force of 15 lb required to release the mechanism
  • Automatic reset
  • Visible indicators
  • No Interference with window integrity
  • Instructions / warnings included 

For more information you can contact ASTM International

Laela's Law: 

Minnesota Senate passed a window fall perversion law known as Leal's Law. the first such law in the nation which aims to stop injuries and death due to children falling thru open windows. 

It is based on the new ASTM F2090 - 2008 and 2010 standard and has been adopted by the International Construction Council (ICC). The ICC is implementing this law state by state with new and updated building codes for all cites and counties (please visit your Local Building Department to learn what ICC code your project falls under).

Leal's law was named after the two-year-old girl who fell through the screen of a fourth floor apartment building. These injuries and deaths could have been easily and cheaply avoided by simply installing a WOCD on the windows.

Angel-Ventlock Top Ten Window Safety Tips:

  1. Never Leave young children unattended near open window
  2. Teach Your Children not to paly near windows 
  3. Close and lock your windows when children are around
  4. Only open windows that children can not reach or windows that are secured with compliant locks
  5. Keep beds, furniture and anything a child can climb on away from windows
  6. Do not depend on insect screens to prevent falls, they are not designed for this purpose. 
  7. Repair broken windows or nonworking parts as soon as possible
  8. Open windows from the top, not from the bottom
  9. Install Child safety devices that comply with ASTM F2090 -08/10 standard
  10. Supervise your children as they play

For more information you can contact ASTM International

 *The above information was taken in part from Roto Angel-Ventlock

WOCD are available to order here: Click Here To Order WOCD

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