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121 Adjustable Hinge Track Kit - 10 and 14 inch style

Hinge Track Kit Window Replacement Parts

$ 47.00


Casement and Awning Hinge Track Kit includes; 1 left hand hinge track with hinge, 1 right hand hinge track with hinge

Hinge track kits are adjustable. To order adjustable wrench see part # 190. Only one wrench is needed for multiple hinges

Adjustable hinges help with sash dragging. When you adjust the bottom hinge toward the locking side it raises up the lock side sash up. If it makes it worse adjust the other way.

Comes in 10" and 14" tracks. See Pictures to know if you need 10" or 14"

If you have the old style hinges with the metal clip you MUST also replace the track (which comes in the kit) as the new style hinges do not have a metal clip to hold it to the track. It now has a set ring on the track to hold everything in place. Old style hinges with clip are no longer available.

 Known Part Numbers: 121, 30451, 30144, 30350, 20681, 30463, 31512, 31532

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