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190 Wrench for Adjustable Hinge Tracks - Truth Hardware Wrench For Adjustable Hinge Studs

Wrench 7/16" and 3/8" for Casement Hinge

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Part Number: 190

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Amesbury Truth Wrench for Adjustable hinge tracks -  Truth Hardware Wrench For Adjustable Hinge Studs - Low Profile

This wrench only works on Truth adjustable hinges as shown in the pictures. If your hinge don’t look exactly like the picture shows this wrench will not work on your hinge (please scroll thru all pictures to compare with your hinge). 

Wrench Size is: 7/16" on the straight side and 3/8" on the angled side - Number
 on part 31887, 

For adjusting Hinge part #s 121, 122. 

Adjustment Instructions For Sash Drag: 

  1. Remove Screen
  2. Open the window
  3. Slip the adjustment wrench onto the base of the stud, found between the support arm and the track of the lower hinge.
  4. Rotating the wrench away from the lock side of the window will decrease the amount of sash drag. The maximum sash drag adjustment is reached when the stud flats are parallel to the track.
  5. For severe sash drag, a similar procedure can be used on the upper hinge. 
  6. Upper hinge adjustment is made by rotating the wrench toward the lock side of the window. Maximum adjustment is obtained when the stud flats are parallel to the track.
  7. Close and open window to check for proper adjustment.

NOTE: Turning the stud flats beyond parallel will not increase sash drag correction. maximum adjustment may cause binding as the window is closed. Please use caution. Use Proper PPE (gloves safety glasses) when preforming repair and maintenance tasks. If you feel you are not able to preform repair and maintenance tasks contact a local window service technician in your area.


Known Part Number: HA6806MI, 31887

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