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522 C Elite Handle Set - Offset Latch

522 C Elite Handle Set - Offset Latch

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Part Number 522

Sash Controls C Elite Keyed Handle Set with Offset Latch - Sash Controls 

Face plate is 8 1/2" long x 1" wide (new style) Handle 5 1/2" Center to Center (CTC). Screw Holes are 3 15/16" Center to Center (CTC).

(For Center Latch Style Handle Set see part # S3006)

2265 can be stamped on back of plate. Mortise lock box sold separately.

Tailpiece can be cut to fit mulitple thickness doors. (We can not accept returns if tailpiece has been cut). 

Style: Keyed, Non Keyed, and Dummy

Keyed handle sets: Keyed Means you can Lock and Unlock your door from the inside using the lock latch AND Lock and Unlock your door from the outside using a key. Most Colors are a stock item. Shafts for the keyed lock may need to be cut depending on your thickness of door your have. Otherwise handle will be loose on your door. If you want to avoid the possibility of having to cut the shafts order the NON KEYED version. (see trouble shooting install at bottom of page for more details on cutting shafts). Also see instructions that come with the handle set that is also pictured above

Non-Keyed handle sets: Means you can lock and unlock your door only from the inside with the lock latch. But you can NOT lock or unlock from the outside. Most Colors are a stock item.

Dummy Handel Sets: No Locking or unlocking capability. Used mostly on 4 wide doors where 2 panels operate. Dummys are mounted on the secondary door. Allow 3-4 week lead time once order is placed. Dummy Handle set DO NOT need new Mortise lock!

Most colors are stocked. If product is not in stock allow 2-5 week lead time once order is placed. We will notify you on lead time if product is not in stock. 

If your Recessed Mortise Lock has the 90 degree black cylinder  you will need to purchase a new recessed mortise lock part # 518, S3007 or #S3011 with the 45 degree gray/silver cylinder for this handle set to work. Both mortise box work with handle # 522 you will need to choose the type that your door panel is machine prepped for.

Associated Products Sold Separately: 

Part Number: 518 Mortise Lock 

Part Number: S3011 Mortise Lock Box

Part Number: S3007 Mortise Lock Box

Part number S3006 For Center Latch Version  Handle Set

Trouble Shooting Install:

If when using they keyed handle set and the turn lever for the lock and the turn lever for the keyed cylinder are hitting and pushing each other out of the the latch: This could be because you have the french style Hurd door and the panel is a different thickness. What you will need to do is cut the shafts so they both can fit into the mortise lock and the handle set can be screwed down tightly. Easiest is to put on the outside handle in place and mark the shaft where it comes through. Take it off and do the same for the inside handle. Then you can cut just shy of that mark on both shafts and then they should meet in the middle. Double check your marks so you cut on the correct side and don't cut too short. This handle set is made as a replacement option for many door thickness which is why you get multiple length screws and can cut the shafts to fit. If you want to avoid doing this all together order the non keyed version. Also see instructions that come with the handle set that is also pictured above

Never use power tools when installing handle sets you run the risk of stripping out the screws.



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