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810 - Hoppe 3-Point Gear Box and Extension Pin/Roller and Flipper/Tongue Style - (For Hurd Doors 2005 and Prior)

810 - Hoppe 3-Point Gear Box and Extension Pin/Roller and Flipper/Tong

$ 250.00


Part Number 810 

Pin/Roller and Flipper/Tongue Style Hoppe Multi point for Hurd Swinging Patio Doors only!

(If your door is another door brand please email us and we can email you a worksheet you ok will need to fill out to get you the correct hoppe multipoint for your door.

Brass color no longer manufactured only comes in stainless steel for both the gear box and the extensions. 

Comes with: bottom extension with gear box attached and the top extension (choose your door height size).

The Hoppe #810 Roller style is the direct replacement old FUHR Roller Multi point that was on Hurd doors – no modification is needed when changing to the Hoppe #810. The only difference is some of the FUHR multi point had an automatic fire to engage the multi point, the Hoppe does not. So with the Hoppe to engage the multi point you close the door then lift up on the door handle then throw the dead bolt to lock.

Hoppe Roller Style will also replace the Old FUHR Roller style as they.

Top Extension: Comes in Door Heights: Retro/6-8, 6-10, 7-2, 8-0.

Style Options:

  • Hoppe Gear Box Pin/Roller Style
  • Hoppe Gear Box Flipper/Tongue Style

Hurd Door Panel Heights for Top Extension:

77" = Retro/6-8

78" = Retro/6-8

80" = 6-10

84" = 7-2

93" = 8-0

For Classic Hurd Doors Manufactured from 2005 and Prior

Fuhr Multi point used on Classic Hurd doors are no longer manufactured - Hoppe Multi point is the direct replacement

Number Known To Have Been On Older Gear Box (Hoppe Roller Style Brass Color): 1334291 - this is a component number. 

Install Instructions (also see instructions in pictures):

  1. Remove set screws on handle levers and remove
  2. remove three mounting screws on faceplate estuation 
  3. On side of door remove screw that lines up with the lock cylinder.
  4. Remove the handle set
  5. Remove all screws down the side of the door that holds on the multipoint system (keep all screws you will reuse them)
  6. Install new multipoint with screws
  7. Test for Operation 
  8. Reinstall handle set
  9. Test for proper operation

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