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825 Hoppe Single Point Gear Box

825 Hoppe Single Point Gear Box

$ 97.00


Part Number 825

Hoppe Single Point Gear Box*

In stock: Only part # 825-D which has a 1 3/4" Backset and 1" Dead Bolt Throw

Special Order: All other part numbers are special order items (no returns or order cancellations) and can have a 1-4 week lead time once you place your order. 

 Strike is reversible for both left hand and right hand doors (see video below or revering latch instructions) 

Install Instructions:

  1. Remove set screws on handle levers and remove
  2. Remove mounting screws on faceplate estuation of the handle set
  3. On side of door remove screw that lines up with the lock cylinder.
  4. Remove the handle set
  5. Remove all screws down the side of the door that holds on the gear box (keep all screws you will reuse them)
  6. Install new multipoint with screws
  7. Test for Operation 
  8. Reinstall handle set
  9. Test for proper operation

*Single point gear box  is not interchangeable with multi point gear box system interior components are different.

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