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650 - Carrymate 5® Transport Grips (#650 pair) Glass Metal Wood Stone Grant Carrying Tool

650 - Carrymate 5® Transport Grips (#650 pair) Glass Metal Wood Stone

$ 350.00


Part Number: 650

Carrymate 5® Transport Grips (#650 pair)

Suitable for:

  • Glass/IGU's (double/triple)
  • Wood
  • Sheet Metal
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Panels
  • Natural Stone
  • Solar Modules
  • PVC
  • Plywood
  • Dry Wall

The unloading and transportation of sheet materials to their installation sites is not only time-consuming but also very strenuous. Smooth surfaces make it difficult to securely carry the material, especially through narrow passages or across uneven grounds. Carrymate 5® Transport Grips are used in pairs and each pair is capable of lifting up to 440 lbs (220 lbs per Grip), which makes them suitable for moving a wide variety of materials. From 0 - 3.15" thick material.

  • the point of contact to the material can be wherever it is most suitable for the user´s height
  •  both users can walk forward and face the direction they are going in
  •  the user´s lifting arm remains straight and thereby more relaxed
  • the user´s other hand is now free to support the material or to move obstacles to the side (open doors, etc.)
  • experience heavy lifting that saves you time and is easy on your back

The clamping system self-adjusts to the width of the material and securely holds it in place without damaging its surface up to 3.15” thick. All parts of the Carrymate 5® Transport Grips that touch the load are covered with a special coating so that even the most polished materials will not be scratched. The ergonomically designed carrying grip provides a secure hold and even during turns and swivels the user can easily hold on to the load.

  • Sturdy aluminum construction 
  • Self adjusting non-slip clamps
  • holds up to 220 lbs per grip - sold in pairs
  • Cushioned shaft prevents damage to the carried load

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