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S012 - RocYork No-Ha 2.0 L S012 Cartel Doorknob Privacy Lock for Water Closet Toilet Lock

S012 - RocYork No-Ha 2.0 L S012 Cartel Doorknob Privacy Lock for Water

$ 160.00

Stainless Steel

part number S012

RocYork No-Ha 2.0 L Cartel Doorknob Privacy Lock for  Water Closet Toilet Lock- for swinging doors

All No-Ha systems are non returnable items. 


  • Cartel S012
    • The “Cartel” doorknob has been specially designed for the No-Ha 2.0 L lock in order to retain the door’s minimalist appearance as much as possible.
    • “Cartel” is made of stainless steel and is used to lock the toilet door on one side. This model, which is completely made of stainless steel, also avoids any metal interference to the magnetic mechanism of the No-Ha lock.
    • Colors: Stainless Steel (stock), Polished Chrome (special order), Bright Brass (special for order). 

Factory note: In an emergency, it is possible to open the door from the outside in a simple manner by sliding a sheet of paper downwards between the door and the covering material where the lock is situated


  • Fit component 1 on the inside of the door.
  • Screw component 2 onto component 1 
  • Slide the square section, component 3, into the lock. 
  • Hand-tighten component 4 into component 1 (NOT too tightly). 
  • Finish by screwing component 5 into component 4, so that component 5 fits into the opening of component 3

Composts sold separately: 


All No-Ha systems are  non returnable items. 

Typically lead times are 1 week. Larger qty orders can have a Lead time can be 3-4+ weeks. To verify lead time before you order please email us. No cancellation of orders accepted due to longer lead time if items being out of stock. This is because the factory does not allow us to cancel or return orders. 

No-Ha®2.0 is part of the No-Ha collection, which Includes the No-Ha Slide for sliding doors, No-Ha for drawers, cupboards and other accessories such as plates, wc handles

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