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CA200 Roto Face Mount 3 1/4 inch arm

CA200 Roto Face Mount 3 1/4 inch arm

$ 110.00


Part Number: CA200

Roto Face Mount Operator 

Old style 3 1/4" Arm Center of Operator to center of arm hole  roto operators is a discontinued product. CA200 is a retro fit replacement option. See details below

New Retro Fit Operator:

3 Inch Arm from Center of Operator to center of arm hole ) see picture. 

Overall Housing Width: 5 1/2"

Rear Mounted Screw holes will be 5 inches center to center 

CA200 is a replacement option which would need slight modification to install.

As this is a retro fit application please read all instructions below and view pictures as well as old style dimensions vs. the CA200. If this this retro fit application will not work for your the only other option will be to replace the window. If you feel that you can not preform this retro fit install you will need to higher an installer.  R&R is not reasonable for any damage to window during retro fit install or any labor costs.

CA200 Kit Comes with:

  • 1 Operator you chose of LH or RH
  • 2 Rear Mount Screws - 1/2" long*
  • 1 Handle

*As this is a retro fit application used on many brands of windows some customers have found they needed longer screws which you can purchase at your local hardware store. 

Color: White Only

Retro Fit Required Tools You Will Need:

  • Drill
  • 5/16" (8mm) Drill Bit
  • Tape Measure
  • Screwdriver

Retro Fit Instructions:

  1. Remove old operator, by removing operator housing screws and screw that connects the operator arm to the corner link arm. 
  2. Remove mounting plate.
  3. Keep the screw that connects the corner link arm To the operator arm.
  4. Drill a 5/8” hole on the hinge side exactly 5 inches from the opposite side of the operator mounting hole. ( the oblong hole the operator goes thru)
  5. Screw holes will need to be exactly 5” center to center apart
  6. Install the new operator with the screws supplied
  7. One will go into the end of the existing mounting hole and the other will go into the new hole you drill
  8. Attach the corner link arm to the operator arm with the screw you saved.
  9. your window should now operate 
  10. Clean and lubricate your hinges with spry silicone for better results (do not used WD40)

New Retro Fit Operator:

Overall Housing Width: 5 1/2"

Rear Mounted Screw holes will be 5 inches center to center 

3 Inch Arm from Center of Operator to center of arm hole. 

Old Discounted Roto Handle Specifications:

Overall housing width: 5 5/16"

4 inch center to center screw hole

3 1/4 inch arm from center of operator to center of arm hole. 

Known part numbers: 57020; 36-333SP; G2-OSCP-02; G2-OSCP-02; G2-OSCP-O2; G2-0SCP-02; G2-STRKR-*11

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