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S1014 - Vent Lock -Window Operating Control Device (WOCD) Mighton

S1014 - Vent Lock -Window Operating Control Device (WOCD) Mighton

$ 35.00

Solid Brass

S1014 - Vent Lock -Window Operating Control Device (WOCD)

Key Operated Vent Lock - Vent Lock With Key and Strike

The new innovative VENTLOCK acts as a major deterrent to snatch thieves who spot what they consider is an easily opened window. Fitting is simple, just screw/insert it into the appropriate diameter drill hole. The special key which is supplied as part of the VENTLOCK system releases an inner barrel which prevents the window from being moved. The barrel revolves freely preventing it from being cut. The VENTLOCK is competitively priced against existing window locks. Each VENTLOCK includes a steel operation key and a brass strike plate for mounting on the lower sash check rail.

MEETS: ASTM F 2090 Standard Specification for Window Fall Prevention Devices With Emergency Escape (Egress) Release Mechanisms

Vent Lock with Key and Strike

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