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S4002 Hoppe 2-D Horizontal Adjustable Door Hinge - Guide Hinge

S4002 Hoppe 2-D Horizontal Adjustable Door Hinge - Guide Hinge 850-8755099

$ 50.00

Bright Brass
Satin Nickel

Part Number: S4002 - Discontinued - Direct replacement is S4004 style

Columbus 2-D Adjustable Guide Horizontal Door Hinge for Wood and Vinyl Products - Screws not included 

Hoppe 2-D Adjustable Door Hinge for Wood and Vinyl Products - Guide Hinge Horizontal Adjustment (+/- 2 mm) 

(for vertical adjustment hinge see S4003 replacement style hinge) 

Colors Available: Bright Brass, satin nickel , White

Set and Guide Hinge Placement - Also See Hinge Placement Guide Drawing:

  • 3 Hinges Per Door Panel:
    • Starting at top of door Top of door
      1. Guide (Part # S4004)
      2. Set (Part # S4003)
      3. Guide (Part # S4004)


  • 4 Hinges Per Door Panel:
    • Anytime you need 4 hinges you would just add another guide hinge
    • Starting at top of door Top of door
    1. Guide (Part # S4004)
    2. Guide (Part # S4004)
    3.  Set (Part # S4003)
    4. Guide (Part # S4004)
  • The Set hinge no matter what is always the 2nd from the bottom

 Pro Tip: Remove weight from the hinges by lifting up on the door before you adjust do not use power tools but only manual screw driver so you don't strip out the screws.

 Manufacture Information and Product Detail: 

Settling of walls and floors can make door panels hard to open and close. The 2-D Adjustable Hinge allows easy adjustment of the door both horizontally (+/- 2 mm Guide Hinge Part # S4004) and vertically (+/- 3 mm Set Hinge Part # S4003) with just the turn of a screw. Each hinge is reversible and has maintenance free bearings. 

There are two types of adjustable hinges for each door panel

A. Set hinge Part # S4003: One per panel. This has vertical adjustment  (+/- 3 mm).

B, Guide Hinge Part # S4004: Minimum of two per panel. These hinges only have the horizontal adjustment (+/- 2 mm)

Normal hinge replacement has the set hinge. Using a Phillips screwdriver, first adjust the panel up or down by turning the screw marked "V" on the set hinge. When turning the screw in the direction of the arrow (counter clockwise) the other leaf will be pushed in the direction of the arrow. Automatic screwdrivers are NOT recommended.

Known Part Numbers: 122340200, 850-8755099 and Pat Nr. 5.701.636

Known to work on: Semco Doors, Hoppe Hardware, Hoppe Columbus, Windsor Doors and Superior Doors, Loewen Doors and many more door brands.

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