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SS20012 Vinyl Single Hung Routed Window Operated Control Device WOCD Mini Angel Window Fall Prevention - Pack of 2

SS20012 Vinyl Single Hung Routed Window Operated Control Device WOCD M

$ 19.99


Part Number: SS20012 Angle Vent Lock Mini Angel Window Fall Prevention 

Sold in: packs of 2

Hung Routed Window Operated Control Device WOCD

The Mini Angel is used on Vinyl, Aluminum and Fiberglass double and single hung sash windows.

The units are single action, so fitting two ensures compliance with ASTM F2090 - 2008 and 2010

The Mini Angel is fitted into the stiles of the top sash - one on each side. The unit is primarily factory-fitted as access to the sash is required. however, provided the sash can be removed easily the Mini Angel is also suitable for us where the sashes have already been installed. The unit is clipped into the slot in the face of the top sash. the units are therefore tamper-proof.

IMPORTANT: Window manufacturing and device fitting is subject to tolerances beyond our control. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the window manufacturer and/or installer to ensure that the correct product is specified and fitted. The installer must confirm that the device operates and resets correctly otherwise the safety features provided by this product will not work . If the device does not reset correctly it will not comply with ASTM F2090-2008, 2010 and 2017 regulations and will not be fit for purpose.

Colors: White and Beige (aka Almond or Tan)


Stamped on Side of Part: MIGHTON PCT/GB09/1526

Used On SuperSeal Vinyl, Hurd Vinyl and Sierra Pacific Vinyl and other vinyl Single Hung windows

For an aftermarket installation of WOCD see part number: SS20006  

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