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Truth Sentry II® WLS Motor System For Window and Skylight

Truth Sentry II® WLS Motor System For Window and Skylight

$ 1,300.00


Sentry II® WLS Motor System*

Introducing Truth's next generation of power window systems. Sentry II WLS for windows and Light Skylights. Based on the powerful and reliable mechanics from their previous motorization system, they've added a new digital electronics package with built in power conversion. This New Sentry II WLS system truly takes over where Truth's Sentry 2000 left off.

This System Sentry II WLS is for cover size: 1-63/64” x 9-7/8”  

A sleek design and quiet motor are engineered into this exciting digitally motorized system. The Sentry II® WLS (window & light skylights) system retrofits casement or awning windows formerly operated by Truth hand cranks. A power conversion accepts direct connection of line voltages. Power protected memory eliminates the need to reset the motor after a power outage. The Sentry II® WLS System has a rain sensor which automatically closes the window at the first sign of moisture. Building automation systems can be easily connected.

Special Order Item - no returns- lead time usually 1-4 weeks 

The new electronic package provides many new features to enhance a home's comfort and its owners peace of mind.

Retrofits onto casements and awnings windows and skylights operated with a hand crank manufactured by Truth Hardware. This moto system drives the same impute the handed is attached to.

Power Conversion built right into the wall mounted control package which accepts direct connection of line voltages from 100 to 240 VAC at 27 to 440 Hz. No more transformers to complicate and add expense to the installation. 

Power Blind System Compatible. Centralized power window system control is now possible with Sentry II's ability to accept and control most 24 VDC Power blind systems. 

Power Protected Memory eliminates the need to " reset" or retrain the moto after a power outage. Once the installation is complete the motor never needs further service or adjustment's- even after prolonged power outages! 

RF Remote Compatibility built into all moto control packages as a standard feature. Simply order the option remote to add new and exciting control capability for the homeowner. (to order remote see part number )

Rain Sensor is standard with all kits, automatically closes the window or skylight at the first sign of moisture. Corrosion resistant sensor decreases maintenance cleaning requirements and extends service life.

No Special Preparation is required by the window or skylight manufacturer. The kits are suitable for new construction or retrofit applications. Please consult with your electrical contractor for a retrofit evaluation. 

ETL Listed and CE Approved. Meets all requirements for Class II installations. 

Safety- Automatic motor reversal has been engineered into the system which is intended to reverse the motor should an obscuration stop the window while closing. In addition, a screen interlock is provided which, when properly installed, electrically disconnects the motor when the screen is removed. These features are intended to help prevent personal injury which could result from reaching into the window area during its operation. 

Motorized Sash Locks are available for use with the WLS system for casement and awning windows. (to order motorized sash lock kit see part number) 

Building Automation Systems can easily be tied into the control electronic for virtually limitless ventilation possibilities. 

Sentry II WLS Compacity:

  • When used on skylights, Truth's Sentry II WLS is load rated at 40 lbs at the chain. This equates to a total skylight hatch weight of 80 lbs.
  • When used on casement windows, the Sentry II WLS is designed to work on all window systems meeting the AAMA-101 hard-ware load requirements.
  • When used on awnings windows, the Sentry II WLS is designed to work on awning windows with a properly sized counter-balance hinge and operator (Consult awning operator specifications)  

Sentry II WLS for window and light Skylights* Order 1 each per window

what’s included with each kit: 

1. Motor Cover Size 1-63/64” x 9-7/8”  (choose your color)
2. Control unit cover plate
3. Wall mounted control unit
4. Mounting bracket – Window **
5. Mounting bracket – Skylight ***
6. Push on fastener
7. Isolation grommet
8. Screws
9. Screen interlock
10. Rain sensor
11. Terminal block
12. Strainrelief
13. Spline adapter and wrench
14. Motor unit
Installation instructions (not pictured)


Frequently Asked Questions – Truth Hardware Sentry II

WLS Q: How many motors can I connect to the control box?
A: Each motor requires its own control box.
Q: Can I use one rain sensor for a group of control boxes?
A: Each control box requires its own rain sensor.
Q: How can I tell a group of WLS units to open or close at the same time?
A: There are two options for accomplishing this:
Option 1: Use the 43.53 Hand Held Remote.
Option 2: Connect the HPI connections on the control box to a contact closure driven by a
home automation system. Each control box requires its own contact closure.
Q: What are the HPI or High Priority Inputs?
A: HPI is a way of letting another system, home automation or building management, tell the WLS control box to open or close. Each control box will require its own contact closure. Please refer to the installation instructions for additional details.
Q: Why are the covers not part of the WLS motor kit?
A: To make it easier for our customers to manage their inventory it was decided to not have the whole kit tied to a color. The covers are stocked separately.
Q: There is a gap visible between the motor and the window and/or manual operator, what can I do about it?
A: Depending on the window, the manual operator used, and the installation of the window, there maybe some space visible. The cover provided by Truth Hardware is made to cover the motor as viewed from above and is intentionally made to fit as many window profiles as possible. Refer to the installation instructions to make sure the motor is installed properly for the window and manual operator being used.
Q: What manual operators can the WLS system work on?
A: The standard kit, part number 43.51, has adapters and brackets to mount it to any Truth Hardware manual operator that uses a rotary handle including the part number 42.65 Manual Angle Drive Skylight operator.
Q: Does the WLS system work on other window hardware that is not manufactured by Truth Hardware?
A: Yes, We have a special WLS kit for Pella windows, part number 43.54. Be sure to review the window. Most Pella applications would require motorized locks.
Q: Why does the window/skylight open when power is connected?
A: Check the dip switch settings and make sure they are correct.

 *NOT FOR Pella windows - For Pella windows see part number 

** Window bracket may look slightly different.

*** Skylight bracket is not included with all kits.

Accessories Sold Separately: 

RF Remote 

Motorized Sash Lock Kit

Chain Assembly for Skylight Operator with Bracket & Pin

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