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S4004 - Horizontal Adjustable Guide Door Hinge

S4004 - Horizontal Adjustable Guide Door Hinge

$ 50.00

Antique Brass
Brushed Chrome
Bright Brass
Polished Chrome
Oil Rubbed Bronze

Part Number S4004.

Guide Horizontal Adjustable Door Hinge -  Guide Hinge For Left Hand and Right Hand Doors  

S4004 is non handed you can change the handing before you install by removing the hinge pin (see picture).

Hinge is made of Steel

S4004 is the direct replacement and interchangeable with Hoppe Columbus 2-D Hinge part # S4002 .

Colors Available: Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome, White and Black

Discounted Colors: Oil Rubbed Bronze - replacement option would be black. 

To order Set Vertical Adjustment Hinge See Part # S4003 

Set and Guide Hinge Placement - Also See Hinge Placement Guide Drawing:

  • 3 Hinges Per Door Panel:
    • Starting at top of door Top of door
      1. Guide (Part # S4004)
      2. Set (Part # S4003)
      3. Guide (Part # S4004)


  • 4 Hinges Per Door Panel:
    • Anytime you need 4 hinges you would just add another guide hinge
    • Starting at top of door Top of door
      1. Guide (Part # S4004)
      2. Guide (Part # S4004)
      3.  Set (Part # S4003)
      4. Guide (Part # S4004

Horizontal Hinge Adjustment Instructions: 

Always Adjust your vertical hinge first, then adjust your horizontal hinge.

Using a Philips screw driver, adjust the panel side to side, by turning clockwise to increase margins, Turn counter clockwise to decrease the margins.  Horizontal hinge has approximately 7 turns from its extremes. Automatic screwdrivers are NOT recommended. The speed of the gun may strip the heads of the screws are over adjusted. 

Pro Tip: Remove weight from the hinges by lifting up on the door before you adjust. Never use power tools only use hand screw driver to adjust the door so you do not strip out the adjustment screws. 

Matching Screws are included with each hinge.

Known to work on: Semco Doors, Hoppe Hardware, Hoppe Columbus, Windsor Doors and Superior Doors 

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